Friday, December 12, 2008

@ conquests and a fun coffee shop scenario

I must say that once I got off the subway I entered into a strange world. You see it is Christmas time and yet the regular hustle and bustle of the season was missing. Sure there were folks shopping, some kids visiting Santa but no crowds laiden down with numerous shopping bags.

Even the Yonge Dundas corner was thinly populated.

I put on my best game face and headed into the mix of people. Wow, it was magic. Not at first but eventually I was seeing waves, nods and smiles. My spirits began to soar. The sullen faces were transforming into the smiles of the season.
I began to twist balloons for kids and adults alike, performed some pocket magic and wished everyone a Merry Christmas. Eventually a small boy ran up to me and gave me a hug. I patted his head and began to talk to him,(his mom was present) about Santa and other Christmasy things. After a bit this boy's mom asked me for a business card and thanked me.
As I looked around I could see some tough looking teens. One, a large athletic type boy, tried to remain cool yet very discreetly he passed me a small smile and emmediatly returned to cool, before his buddies saw him. I wondered if he was alone would he have opened up to me and let me entertain him. I hope so. His tiny smile was moving indeed.
If you want to have fun go to a coffee shop as a clown and see the reactions. Trust me, you will laugh so hard coffee may fly out your nose. Pretty messy when your nose is glued on. Makes like a sprinkler!
The trick is to play it down. Act as if you were not in costume. When people stare, stare back in a humorous why. Look around to see what they are staring at. Be confused, shrug your shoulders and continue as normal. Make a slight show of getting ready to sip your coffee(Art Carney style, yet subdued) Trust me in no time the place will be crackin up. Stay focused and do not join in the frivolities until some one breaks the ice by pointing out that you are a clown. Then let loose with the revelation that indeed you are a clown. Be surprised and discover your talents and begin to entertain.
I do this all the time and what fun it is to take a serious executive and drag the little child from within him or her and let the new found child simply play for a while. Got to love it.

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