Friday, December 12, 2008

Walking the cold streets of Toronto

I put on my make up and grabbed a load of balloons as I headed for the closest bus stop! It was cold enough that I really didn't need to glue on my red nose, mother nature could have coloured my nose red and saved me a few brush strokes.

Eventually after many stare and waves from passing motorists, my Weston Road bus pulled up to the stop and for $2.75 I was mobile and thawing.

As a professional clown and street busker I was on a mission to find Christmas cheer. I had heard that this cheer was in short supply but being the Christmas addict I am, I was not ready to believe that Christmas cheer was on a down turn.

Once on the bus I was amazed at the lack of reaction, no one seemed to notice a six foot, two inch clown sitting amongst them! I decided to make eye contact with some of the passengers and finally got a giggle from a middle aged lady who appeared to have been shopping. Not a lot to brag about so far but the day was still young.

Riding the subway took a turn for the better. Low and behold...little people. Not short people, children. I noticed a little girl peeking ever so carefully at me from behind Mommy's shoulder. I pretended to peek also and the fun began. I peeked, she peeked and we peeked some more. Wow, a relationship was forming. Before I could make her a balloon, Mom and child got off the subway and disappeared into their own life, leaving me to continue my journey. Not all was lost though, the little girl waved at me through the window. A small yet significant victory.

I will stop here for today so as to reflect on the lessons taught by the girl on the subway.

Lesson...Look at the world through the eyes of a child. You may just have some fun and make a new friend even if only for a brief passing moment.

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