Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Toronto the Good. Santa is Real.

I was reading the Sun the other day and came across an article about St. James town and a sad lack of toys for the marginalized children living in this vibrant yet often troubled neighbourhood. Being broke and on sick leave I had no way of donating toys. I offered my clowning services to help the toy drive but the date they could have used me I was out of town. All I could do was pray and reflect on how a miracle was needed.

Saturday was in New York on a pilgrimage to Our Lady of Victory and The Fatima Shrine.

During the day we went to Mass, prayed the Rosary, sang Christmas songs on the bus and indulged in a great meal at Salvatore's in Lackawana. Beautiful day all around.

Monday it was back to reality. I was reading the Sun and low and behold I read that the Toronto Police and Auxiliary Police raised enough toys for St, James Town with enough to have extra to send to other needy agencies. Wow, I found the Christmas spirit. God Bless all who help by donating, organising and praying. Yes Toronto there is a Santa Clause. He is living in the hearts of all of us. God works in mysterious ways. Sometimes he may make things appear bleak so as to motivate us to do his work and if only for a brief moment, make the world a better place. MERRY CHRISTMAS TORONTO..and to all others who may see this post.

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